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 About Coyote Marie and Testimonials 

A traditional Practitioner and Ordained Minister drawing on her Cherokee  heritage, Marie offers a vast array of ceremonies, including blessings, weddings, sacred unions, house/land/business clearings and working with animals. She has traveled to Central America, Europe, and the United States to perform these ceremonies and does remote healings all over the world. She has volunteered in foreign countries to empower indigenous women and helped victims of domestic  violence , and as well as holding energy at  many social justice gatherings .

  • International speaker and activist for human right and social justice.

  • Clearing for alignment , homes ,businesses, land and animals

  • Officiating sacred unions, weddings and ceremonial services.

  • Water Blessings

  •  Facilitates classes and workshops.

  • Member of C.O.N.M. ( Committee  of Native  American Ministries)

  • Member of C.O.R.R (Committee on Race and Religion)

  • Member of V.I.M. ( Volunteers in Mission)

  • Delegates to Pacific Northwest and International United Methodist Conferences


Read what others are saying..................


...." I have been a witness  to her tremendous  power as a Native American energy worker, healer and sage. She has the ability to cut through the extraneous and focus on the essence of our Creator, which  is love. She is a woman of substance , compassionate  and ready to assist with her quiet reassurance , humorous resolve , and a heart as big as Texas , Coyote Marie will leave you standing tall in your own power....."


"....Coyote Marie  has helped me through many difficult times in my life & I just wanted friends to know that help is out there. Whether it is a lost pet; coping with the death of a loved one or loss of a relationship; health issues; career choices---she is there for you with respect & understanding for what you are going through. And most important, you get results and answers with an awareness of the deeper meaning!...."


Cherokee elder, Coyote Marie,  is a respected leader of the community, healer, teacher, and social justice advocate.




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